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An Examination of Characters and Spaces in Film Narratives in the Context of Panopticon and Chronotope within the Framework of Narratology Theory

Berceste Gülcin Özdemir

This study aims at analyzing the characters and spaces in films (writing case studies) in the framework of the Theory of Narrative in the context of the concepts of panopticon and chronotope. In the context of the relation of the spaces with the story, the spaces, where Bal separated according to the movement types of characters as steady spaces and dynamically functioning spaces, were determined according to the context in which the characters could use their existence on the basis of the qualities of the space in the narrative of the film. In this manner, the exterior and interior spaces that are presented in film narratives are analyzed in the context of Bal’s commentated facts and the facts that are grounded on. While examining the spaces in terms of the effect of these spaces on the plot, evaluations were made about the causal motivation of the spectator while watching the narrative. The concepts of panopticon and chronotope make it possible to examine the narrative elements in detail and try to explain how the process of the narrative interpretation of spectators is developed.

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