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Writers’ Stories in Motion

Healing, Joy, and Triumph

Edited By Laura Gray-Rosendale

In this book, various writers from different backgrounds share beautiful, creatively-written essays about how forms of physical activity (e.g., hiking, backpacking, road running, building a fire, practicing yoga, trail running, walking, boogie boarding, cycling, snowshoeing, swimming, mountain biking, and doing triathlons) as well as their interactions with the natural world have impacted their specific writing practices, teaching approaches, and who they are as people. In their lively pieces they explore the myriad ways in which physical activities in particular environmental contexts have directly and radically impacted their composing processes as well as their lives as writers. Drawing from techniques in creative nonfiction as well as rhetoric and writing studies, each author draws the reader into her/his adventures and experiences in illuminating ways, furthering the argument that physical activities are not disconnected from our writing. Rather, they are inextricably linked to our writing practices. And oftentimes we are in fact composing in the very act of engaging in such physical activities.

Laura Gray-Rosendale: Introduction – Annette McGivney: Hiking Hard – EiLeen E. Schell: Teaming Up: Running and Writing in Collaboration – Karen Auvinen: Building the Fire: How Routine and Practice Create a Spark – Jill Weiss Ippolito: The Bermuda Standard: Through the Practice of Both Yoga and Writing I Rise Up and Heal from Trauma – Laura Gray-Rosendale: Chasing Creativity: Trail Running to Write – Elizabeth Geoghegan: Uncharted: Walking and Writing Off the Map – Suzanne Roberts: Catching the Next Wave: Writing and Boogie Boarding – Shawna Kenney: Self-Propelled: How Biking Steered My Writing Life – Elisabeth Fairfield Stokes: Snowshoeing on a Lake on a Quiet Evening – Lynn Z. Bloom: Swimming in the Existential Lane – Kyle Boggs: Mountain Biking, Writing, and Reckoning – Optimism one: Writing with Iron – About the Contributors – Index.