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The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy

A Trumpian World of Uncertainty or A Decline of Pax-Americana

Wassim Daghrir

This book offers a serious investigation of one of the most controversial contemporary American Studies issues: President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Actually, an ambiguous, inconsistent uncertainty would best describe President Trump’s approach to foreign affairs. This book investigates Trump’s foreign policy agenda, style, principles, priorities, and patterns. The main challenge of this book is to check whether President Trump’s foreign policy initiatives are faithful to the traditional and modern-era foreign policy schools (such as ‘America First’), or whether they are merely inconsistent, impulsive, incoherent initiatives which lack the complexity of a serious foreign policy agenda or doctrine? This book puts the nature of Pax-Americana and US Exceptionalism face to face with the assumption of a post-American world. It also examines the ‘Trump Doctrine’ as what Trump himself described as a ‘brand new’ foreign policy. Thus, this book offers a further assessment of the assumption that Trump is establishing a new school of American foreign policy.

Dr. Wassim Daghrir, PhD in American History, Politics and Cultural Studies from the University of Paris and a post-doctorate degree in American Civilization from New York University, is an Associate Professor at the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sousse, Tunisia. He is the author of 5 books and several international articles. His areas of research interest include US Foreign Policy, US Democracy, US History and Historiography, US Media, Popular Culture and various other American Culture Studies and Political Science issues.