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Synergy I: Marginalisation, Discrimination, Isolation and Existence in Literature

Edited By A.Nejat Töngür and Yıldıray Çevik

Studies on the distinguished works of English and American literature of various genres like poetry, plays and fiction are included in this book focusing on and around the central themes of “Marginalisation, Discrimination, Isolation, and Existence.” The aim of the book is to investigate the issues of “Marginalisation, Discrimination, Isolation, and Existence” within the frameworks of gender, colonization, multiculturalism, religion, race, generation gap, politics, technology, immigration, and class.

A.Nejat Töngür is the first graduate of British Cultural Studies MA and PhD programs in Turkey. He has been working as an Assistant Professor Doctor at the Faculty of Education of Maltepe University, Istanbul. His current research fields are Comparative Literature, Post-colonial Literature, Colonial Literature, 20th Century English Novel, Scotland, and Literature and Language Teaching. He has got three published books, book chapters, articles and presentations.

Yıldıray Çevik, now employed as a lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Letters, Arel University, Istanbul, has worked as an EFL/ESP teacher at various levels and institutions. He co-wrote a number of proficiency exam books, grammar course books and vocabulary development self-study materials. He did a post-PhD study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and served as a lecturer at English and American Studies Department in Skopje, Macedonia. His interests are British fiction, Afro-Anglo fiction, American drama, and the use of literature in ELT.