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La frase pseudoscissa in italiano e in tedesco

Definizione, tipologia e analisi delle sue manifestazioni nella prosa giornalistica online


Rocío Agar Marco

The pseudoscissa sentence has not so far been the subject of an Italian-German contrastive study. This research sheds light on the much discussed boundaries of the structure, expands the knowledge on its syntactic, semantic and pragmatic nature, and proposes a definition accompanied by a typology that collects all its possible manifestations.
The corpus-based analysis of a sample of texts taken from online newspapers (created for the ICOCP project, Italian Constituent Order in a Contrastive Perspective at the University of Basel) helps us to better understand their form, distribution and discursive functions.
In addition to providing new data on the language of online newspapers, the results of the study are also useful and applicable in the field of translation and language teaching.