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Yearbook of the Artificial. Vol. 3

Nature, Culture & Technology- Cultural Dimensions of the User


Massimo Negrotti

Contents: Massimo Negrotti: Humans and naturoids: from use to partnerships – Danila Bertasio: Between seductions and banalities: the case of art on the web – Elena Bettinelli: Religions on the Internet: a comparison between different kinds of websites and users – Monica Bordegoni/Umberto Cugini/Rossella Mana: Novel interaction methods exploit designers’ skills – Luciano Celi: ‘It’s like if’: the power of exhibits in Science Centres and Museums between immersion und illusion – Gianugo M. Cossi: The user of contemporary art – Franco Fileni: Licence of use: the new owners of knowledge – Giuseppe Lanzavecchia: A conceivable model for user: fields and attractors – Julian Locke: On-line machine-based natural-language translation: a new approach – Riccardo Manzotti/Vincenzo Tagliasco: Towards an artificial user: the ‘what’ problem for an architecture capable of developing new goals – Lella Mazzoli/Roberta Bartoletti/Giovanni Boccia Artieri: The artificial in everyday life: social uses of communication technologies – Sabrina Moretti: Citizens, users, society: a sociological survey – Teresa Numerico/Roberto Cordeschi: Meno’s dilemma and web mining: the influence of search engines on the discovery process – Giacomo Romano: The problem of the individuation of artifacts – David Smith: Fly’s Eye View: an investigation of the impact of the experience of using a VR system on young children’s understanding of representation and reality – Mariselda Tessarolo: Transition of the relation between artist and user to that between culture supply and demand – Laura Verdi: The places of the users – Maria Romana Zorino: The client-assigner of cultural artifacts.