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Global Literary Modernisms

Edited By Gregory Castle, Alex Davis and Lee Jenkins

The Global Literary Modernisms series provides a platform for literary scholarship on modernism across genres and geographies. The concept of the global today carries with it new ideas about time and historical development, as well as new theories about national literary traditions and new models of social belonging that extend beyond national borders. Without sacrificing our interest in national traditions, we invite studies that link those traditions to more extensive global and transnational contexts. The series also invites studies that reconsider the temporalities and formal and aesthetic praxes of modernism—not only its historical development, but the peculiar rhythms and pacing of its narratives, its dramatic literatures, its poetry, its song. While respecting the contemporary elasticity of the term, this series understands modernism not simply as a synonym for the ‘modern’ but as a movement that responds to the modern wherever it finds it.

We invite English-language submissions on all aspects of literary modernism. Proposals are invited for monographs and edited volumes that engage transnational and postcolonial, canonical and marginal modernisms, and the legacies of modernism. We welcome single- and multiple-author studies from a variety of approaches and frameworks, literary-historical and/or theoretical.

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