Open EBA

Open EBA from Peter Lang Group: Transforming Open Access Publishing

We are dedicated to driving the transition towards Open Access Book Publishing. For that transition to happen, libraries need to see models which compete with the best traditional acquisition models on the market, whilst letting them fund OA titles for no extra cost. That is why we have created Open EBA as a model.

What is Open EBA?

Open EBA (Evidence Based Acquisition) is an Open Access Books model, based upon the highly popular and successful Evidence Based Acquisition model. Just like traditional EBA, libraries will pay a sum up front and then gain access to a catalogue of titles for a year. At the end of the year, they can use their usage data to choose the best titles for the library to purchase in perpetuity, up to the value of the EBA. But what makes Open EBA special is that the library can also use the money they invest in EBA to pay for Open Access Book Processing Charges (BPCs), with the price of the BPC being allocated to the EBA balance.

How it works

Peter Lang prepares a report showing which titles are being written for us by authors at your university, and the library chooses any titles they want to make Open Access on publication. Then the cost of those BPCs can be offset against the price of the EBA. Essentially, libraries can use their EBA budget to both purchase titles or purchase BPCs, allocating it however works best for their institution and never needing to pay extra. Whichever way the library chooses to allocate their budget, their users will have access to the same vast catalogue of Peter Lang titles for the whole year, even if they spend most of their budget on Open Access. This can lead to very significant savings compared to traditional models.

Your benefits

– Grow your collection and your OA publishing: Open EBA offers an innovative and generous approach for libraries and universities to expand collections while ensuring future publications can be released as Open Access without needing to pay extra.

– Flexible and easy to run: Open EBA easily adapts to different publishing outputs, is easy to administer and gives you control over how it spends its money.

– Access leading academic scholarship: Each Open EBA allows students and academics to access a vast library of titles, with over 17,500 academic titles in our complete collection including world renowned lists in culture, linguistics, history and law.

– Cost Efficiency: Open EBA resolves the issue of libraries “paying twice”, paying one price for collection development and then paying again Open Access. Now there is one model, and one price structure which allows both to coexist at no extra cost.

– Control and transparency: Within the model it is clear what the price for a BPC is, and you can easily choose which titles to make Open Access.

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