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Islam and State in the EU

Church-State Relationships, Reality of Islam, Imams Training Centres


Universidad de A Coruña

The objective of this book is not only offering a map of the Imams training centres existing in the EU but also getting to know the current face of Islam and how member states deal with denominations. The volume consists of 27 chapters: one for each member state. Each chapter itself is divided in three parts. The first part, dedicated to Church-State relationships, explores which are the administrative bodies that deal with denominations and what legal forms religions do adopt in each member state (religious entities, civil associations, charities). The second part aims at showing the reality of Islam in each country in terms of general features; i. e. the estimated number of Muslims, imams, mosques, its main representative organizations, Islamic faith leaders who work as chaplains as well as statistics on Islam in school. The third part is specifically focused on exploring the Imams training centres existing in each country.
Contents: Islam in the European Union – Administrative bodies that deal with denominations – Legal form religions adopt – Estimated number of Muslims, imams and mosques – Main Islamic representative organizations – Islamic chaplaincy in the army, prisons and hospital – Imams training centres.