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How We Work


Marla B. Morris, Mary Aswell Doll and William F. Pinar

How We Work is a collection of essays by writers from across the disciplines on the ways they produce work. Each writer offers a description of the processes and quirks of putting thoughts into form. Some of the essays are humorous, confessing to the ways writers confront the terror of the blank page. Others are helpful, offering hints and analyses. All give personal reflection on how creating is both horizontal and vertical, involving the writer with places, sensual experiences, and other bodies, as well as with other parts of the self. Deliberately interdisciplinary and multicultural, this collection contains the work of curriculum theorists, fiction writers, poets, musicians, and professors of mathematics, English, philosophy, and women's studies. We hope to encourage readers to become more aware of their own creative potential by reading these essays.
Contents: Marla Morris: Preface – Mary Aswell Doll: Foreword – William F. Pinar: Introduction – Mary Aswell Doll: The Web and the Work – Marla Morris: Curriculum as Musical Text – Jamake Highwater: The Fire Sermon – David W. Jardine: The Real Work Is What We Really Do – Denise Taliaferro: On Writing My Love Child – Dennis J. Sumara/Brent Davis: Inventing a More Interesting Subject – Toby Daspit: «Nothing’s Died; It Just Got Buried»: Theory as Exhumation, as Duty Dance – Bill Davis: Why I Write – Peter Alson: How I Work – Jane Futcher: Acts of Love and Discovery – Alan A. Block: «Johnny’s in the Basement, Mixing Up the Medicine,» or I’ll Trade You Two Metaphors for a Metonymy – Lance Ternasky: Contrariety and Commitment: Wedding Passions – Mike Siddoway: On Lemmas, Theorems, Corollaries, and All That – Skip Fox: Many a New Thing – Rebecca Luce-Kapler: Through a Tangle of Branches: Reworking the Poem – Delese Wear: Writing with/in Leftovers – Susan Edgerton: «Whatever Gets You Through the Night» – William F. Pinar: How I Work – Petra Munro: A Truthful Tale About How I Work – Lewis Putnam Turco: Upstairs – Wendy Kohli: Writing the Classed Body: «Is It Work Yet?» – Gloria Anzaldúa: Putting Coyolxauhqui Together: A Creative Process – Marshall Parks: Should We Be Working?