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Public Intellectuals, Radical Democracy and Social Movements

A Book of Interviews


Carmel Borg and Peter Mayo

Against a backdrop of a hegemonic, global economic arrangement that has spawned astounding disparities in wealth, this book foregrounds seventeen intellectuals who are engaged in resisting corporate values and in promoting social justice and human dignity. Ranging from socially engaged professors with a track record in grassroots involvement to popular educators, the interviewees challenge the manufactured consent produced by armies of intellectuals organic to dominant ideologies. Public Intellectuals, Radical Democracy and Social Movements reminds us that strategic silence and/or indifference reproduces a common sense arrangement where critical «reading of the world» (Freire, 1987) is relegated to the periphery.
Contents: Interview with Nita Freire: Reflections from a Third Age Marriage: A Pedagogy of Reason, Hope and Passion – Interview with Maria Hamlyn Zuniga: Nicaragua: Past and Present – Interview with Nahla Abdo: Women, Peace and Middle East Politics – Interview with Frei Betto: Lula, Freire, Liberation Theology – Interview with Chris Cavanagh: Popular Education, Social Movements and Story Telling – Interview with Magda Adly: Human Rights, Social Justice and Civil Society – Interview with Jane Thompson: Popular Education and Social Change – Interview with William Pinar: Curriculum as a Political Text – Interview with Paul Cooper: School Exclusion, Educational Engagement and Social Equity – Interview with Roberto Mazzini: Theatre of the Oppressed: Italian Initiatives – Interview with Edoardo Martinelli: Lorenzo Milani and the Barbiana Legacy – Interview with Didacus Jules: Literacy, Micro-States and Postcolonialism – Interview with Sergio Baierle: A World That Can Be - Democracy, Education and Participatory Budgets – Interview with Vincent Caruana: Critical Environmental Education ‘Justice in Trade’ and the No-Global Movement – Interview with John Fisher: Trade Union Education in an Age of Globalization – Interview with Antonia Darder: From Madness to Consciousness: Redemption through Politics, Art and Love – Interview with Luiza Cortesão: Fascism, Colonialism and the Promise of Critical Education.