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Queering Paradigms VII

Contested Bodies and Spaces


Edited By Bee Scherer

This edited volume focuses on a key notion in Queer Theory and activism: challenging, resisting and subverting contestations to the identitarian expression and performance of LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, queer/querying etc.) subjects. The chapters in this volume address queer bodies and spaces both transnationally and within specific contexts—including focus studies on the U.S.; Russia; China; Yemen; and the Anglophone Caribbean.

Part I addresses queer and contested forms of lived experiences and embodiments such as trans* and non-binary bodies. Part II explores spaces of belonging and exemplifies contested and negotiated in/exclusion. Part III focusses on (socio-)legal spaces of belonging, Human Rights and legal activism.

In line with QPs ethics of genial intergenerational exchange and support, this volume features prominently the voices of doctoral and early-career researchers.

CONTENTS: Bee Scherer: Introduction: Contested Bodies and Spaces - Katharina Wiedlack: Visibly Invisible: US-American LGBTIQ+- Issues and/in Mainstream Media - Thomas A. Foster: Queering the Bonds of Intimacy among Enslaved Men - Sean Bride: Non-binary Roller Derby - Bee Scherer: Beyond Heteropatriarchal Oppression: Inhabiting Aphallic Anthroposcapes - Masha Neufeld: «We Will Get There, but We Have to Grow as High as That»: Spinning the Narrative of Backwardness in the Russian LGBT Movement - Lin Song: Queering Chinese Kinship: Aspiration, Negotiation and New Meanings - Rajanie Preity Kumar: Gender and Sexually Non-Conforming Women in Rural Guyana: (Un)Mapping Home, Desire, and Belonging - Tanya Halldórsdóttir: Queering Perspectives on Gender-Segregation in Yemen - Alan Wilson: Small Earthquake – No Damage Done: Anglican Experience of Same-Sex Marriage in England, 2014–2016 - Giuseppe Zago: Neglected Minorities? An Analysis of the Rights of Prisoners of Different Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities under International Human Rights Law - Leonardo J. Raznovich: Queer Aggression? The «Unorthodoxy» of Human Rights Claims in the Cayman Islands - Postscript: Disregard of the Rule of Law and LGBTI Segregation: The Case of Bermuda - E. Raúl Zaffaroni: Epílogo: La Penalización de las Relaciones Homosexuales y Su Efecto sobre la Salud Mental de la Sociedad.