Queering Paradigms

Editors: Bee Scherer
ISSN: 2235-5367

Queering Paradigms is a series of peer-reviewed edited volumes and monographs presenting challenging and innovative developments in Queer Theory and Queer Studies from across a variety of academic disciplines and political spheres. Queer in this context is understood as a critical disposition towards the predominantly binarist and essentialising social, intellectual, political, and cultural paradigms through which we understand gender, sexuality, and identity. Queering denotes challenging and transforming not just heteronormativity, but homonormativity as well, and pushing past the binary axes of homo- and hetero-sexuality.
In line with the broad inter- and trans-disciplinary ethos of queer projects generally, the series welcomes contributions from both established and aspiring researchers in diverse fields of studies including political and social science, philosophy, history, religious studies, literary criticism, media studies, education, psychology, health studies, criminology, and legal studies. The series is committed to advancing perspectives from outside of the ‘Global North’. Further, it will publish research that explicitly links queer insights to specific and local political struggles, which might serve to encourage the uptake of queer insights in similar contexts. By cutting across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries in this way, the series provides a unique contribution to queer theory.
The Series Editor: Professor B. Scherer is Chair of Comparative Religion, Gender and Sexuality at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, and an executive editor of the journal Religion and Gender.
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  • Title: Queering Paradigms VIII

    Queering Paradigms VIII

    Queer-Feminist Solidarity and the East/West Divide
    Volume 10
    by Katharina Wiedlack (Volume editor) Saltanat Shoshanova (Volume editor) Masha Godovannaya (Volume editor) 2019
    ©2020 Edited Collection 372 Pages
  • Title: Queering Paradigms VII

    Queering Paradigms VII

    Contested Bodies and Spaces
    Volume 9
    by Bee Scherer (Volume editor) 2019
    ©2018 Edited Collection 250 Pages
  • Title: Sculpting the Woman

    Sculpting the Woman

    Muscularity, Power and the Problem with Femininity
    Volume 8
    by Jamilla Rosdahl (Author) 2017
    Monographs 220 Pages
  • Title: Queering Paradigms VI

    Queering Paradigms VI

    Interventions, Ethics and Glocalities
    Volume 7
    by Bee Scherer (Volume editor) 2017
    ©2016 Edited Collection 310 Pages
  • Title: The Variable Body in History

    The Variable Body in History

    Volume 6
    by Chris Mounsey (Volume editor) Stan Booth (Volume editor) 2017
    Edited Collection 294 Pages
  • Title: Queering Paradigms V

    Queering Paradigms V

    Queering Narratives of Modernity
    Volume 5
    by María Amelia Viteri (Volume editor) Manuela Lavinas Picq (Volume editor) 2015
    ©2016 Edited Collection 336 Pages
  • Title: Queering Paradigms IVa

    Queering Paradigms IVa

    Insurgências «queer» ao Sul do equador
    Volume 4a
    by Sara Elizabeth Lewis (Volume editor) Rodrigo Borba (Volume editor) Branca Falabella Fabrício (Volume editor) Diana de Souza Pinto (Volume editor) 2017
    ©2017 Edited Collection 300 Pages
  • Title: Queering Paradigms IV

    Queering Paradigms IV

    South-North Dialogues on Queer Epistemologies, Embodiments and Activisms
    Volume 4
    by Sara Elizabeth Lewis (Volume editor) Rodrigo Borba (Volume editor) Branca Falabella Fabrício (Volume editor) Diana de Souza Pinto (Volume editor) 2014
    ©2014 Edited Collection 400 Pages
  • Title: Queering Paradigms III

    Queering Paradigms III

    Queer Impact and Practices
    Volume 3
    by Kathleen O’Mara (Volume editor) Liz Morrish (Volume editor) 2013
    ©2013 Conference proceedings 367 Pages
  • Title: Queering Paradigms II

    Queering Paradigms II

    Interrogating Agendas
    Volume 2
    by Bee Scherer (Volume editor) Matthew Ball (Volume editor) 2011
    ©2011 Edited Collection 355 Pages