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Centres and Peripheries in Celtic Linguistics


Edited By Maria Bloch-Trojnar and Mark Ó Fionnáin

This book examines various aspects of Celtic linguistics from a general and more specific point of view. Amongst the topics investigated is the system of Irish initial mutations from both a linguistic universal and contrastive perspective. Other contributions analyse and cast new light on deverbal adjectives and assertive and declarative speech acts in Irish, communication and language transmission, change and policy, Breton and Sorbian grammars, as well as other issues of sociolinguistics in Irish, Welsh and Breton.

Martin J. Ball / Nicole Müller, Sonority and initial consonant mutation in Modern Celtic — Maria Bloch-Trojnar, Peripheral, yet in the centre – A note on the use of «-ach» in deverbal adjective formation in Irish — Magdalena Chudak, Variation in the initial consonants of some Irish pronouns — Krzysztof Jaskuła, Brittonic and Goidelic word-initial consonantal alterations – facts and figures — Mélanie Jouitteau, Children prefer natives - A study on the transmission of a heritage language; Standard Breton, Neo-Breton and traditional dialects — Brian Nolan, The role of context and common ground in utterance meaning with assertive and declarative speech acts of Irish — Diarmuid Ó Sé, Centre and periphery in Munster dialects of Irish — Till Vogt, Early descriptions of Lower Sorbian and Breton Syntax: The grammar books by Julien Maunoir and Jan Chojnan — Paweł Tuz, The Welsh language in education from the 19th century until the present day: Did the popularisation of Welsh in education improve its general situation?