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'Le Bel Épy qui foisonne'

Collection and Translation in French Print Networks, 1476–1576


Edited By Catherine Emerson

This book brings together essays from scholars working on the first century of French print culture, with a particular focus on the networks formed by authors, editors, translators and printers in the earliest years of print technology. The volume is structured around the themes of collection and translation. The first part of the book examines the gathering of sources, the creation of anthologies and collections and the efforts of collectors to create a legacy. The second part deals with translation and the ways in which editors present a text to a new audience, either in a different language, as part of a different culture or through images that translate the text visually. Together, the essays raise important questions about early modern French culture, revealing how texts are the products both of the networks that create them and of those that distribute, read and interpret them after publication.

CONTENTS: Pollie Bromilow: Printing the Ties that Bind: Pierre de Changy’s Translation of the De institutione feminæ Christianæ by Juan Luis Vives - Nina Mueggler: Configurer des réseaux par le recueil: le cas du Parnasse des Poëtes Françoys modernes de Corrozet (1571) - Catherine Emerson: Nicole Gilles and Literate Society - Antonella Amatuzzi: La Merveilleuse et joyeuse vie de Esope de Glaude Luython: un fablier bilingue pour l’enseignement du français au Pays Bas - Louis-Gabriel Bonicoli: Connecting Texts via their Illustration in Parisian Early Printed Books - Oury Goldman: Un lieu de savoir sur le monde: la boutique de l’imprimeurlibraire Michel de Vascosan dans le Paris de la Renaissance.