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Medieval Islamic World

An Intellectual History of Science and Politics

Labeeb Ahmed Bsoul

Medieval Islamic World: An Intellectual History of Science and Politics surveys major scientific and philosophical discoveries in the medieval period within the broader Islamicate world, providing an alternative historical framework to that of the primarily Eurocentric history of science and philosophy of science and technology fields. Medieval Islamic World serves to address the history of rationalist inquiry within scholarly institutions in medieval Islamic societies, surveying developments in the fields of medicine and political theory, and the scientific disciplines of astronomy, chemistry, physics, and mechanics, as led by medieval Muslim scholarship.

Acknowledgments – Abstracts and Keywords – Introduction – Characteristics of the Islamic Civilization – Islamic Characteristics of Scientific Trends – Qurʾanic Experimental Method – The Elements of the Scientific Experimental Method in the Qurʾan – Human Reasoning (al-qiyās) – The Impact of Islamic Medicine on Modern Civilization and Islamic Scientific Heritage of Medicine and Pharmacy – The Impact of Islamic Political Theory on Modern Civilization – Classical Muslim Scholars’ Contribution to the Fields of Astronomy,Geography, Chemistry, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering (ʿIlm al-Ḥiyal) – Glossary – About the Author – Index.