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Variability in Perspectives on Current Issues in Social Sciences


Daniel Bešina

Social and human sciences are currently in a special position. On the one hand, they are subject to frequent doubts and mistrust while on the other hand, there is a view that the 21st century will be a century of social and human sciences, addressing their importance in solving key cultural and social issues of humanity.

In general, however, we can observe a decreasing interest in human and social sciences. The authors of the book believe that the rejection of the importance of human sciences is based on a fundamental misconception of facts. Society's education and culture is a prerequisite for the economic level of each country. Innovation is not only a matter of technical importance; it is equally important to understand human cultural behaviour in the broadest possible context.

This book presents studies in selected topics from social, human and historical sciences that demonstrate the relevance of the research in the area under consideration. The contributors to this book are researchers in the departments of Archaeology, Ethnology and Folklore, History, Culture and Tourism Management of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra.

The evolution and formation of small settlements in Europe, with an emphasis on the territory of Slovakia (Daniel Bešina) – The importance of cultural heritage in education (In upper secondary education with a focus on tourism) (Viktória Bíziková) – A Contribution on the historical demography of Kysuce based on the example of the village of Oščadnica (Dominika Drábová) – The development of the choreographic production of folklore ensembles in the Slovak folklore movement from the point of view of period dance aesthetics in the second half of the 20th century (Martina Hrabovská) – Significant nurses and their activities in the Slovak National Uprising (Denis Svetlák) – Significant figures of the municipality of Pered during the interwar period (Judita Szekeresová Kovácsová)