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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Conceptos Fundamentales

Edited By David Schwarzer, Mary Petrón and Clarena Larrotta

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education: Conceptos Fundamentales explores relevant concepts of bilingualism for pre-service Spanish/English bilingual teachers in the United States. This volume is reader friendly while presenting complex theoretical content. It is the first of its kind to seamlessly switch between English and Spanish languages for academic purposes. This book fills a gap in the academic literature related to translanguaging as a modern and global phenomenon. The authors invite bilingual educators to develop translingual classrooms with bilingual students in which academic English and Spanish are intentionally mixed. Volume contributors center their discussions on theory, practice, and action as they reflect on their own bilingual journeys. Features such as glossary terms, discussion questions, and intentional reflection on each author’s bilingual journey make it innovative and a must read in all bilingual teacher preparation programs in the nation.

Acknowledgments – David Schwarzer/Mary Petrón/Clarena Larrotta: Introduction – Theory – Angela Valenzuela/Cori Salmerón/Nathaly Batista-Morales: Subtractive Schooling and Authentic Cariño: Translanguaging in the Bilingual and Dual Language Classroom – Lucila D. Ek/Christian Fallas-Escobar/Patricia Sánchez: Retrospective Ideological Work: Leveraging Latina/o/x Bilingual Teacher Educators’ Personal Narratives – María Teresa de la Piedra/Blanca E. Araujo: Maestras Transfronterizas – Patrick H. Smith/Luz A. Murillo: Funds of Linguistic Knowledge en Prácticas Transnacionales to Promote Biliteracy Development – Practice – Blanca Caldas Chumbes/Deborah Palmer/Desiree Pallais: Embracing our Bilingual Selves in Reflection & Dialogue: Hacia una Praxis Bilingüe en Espacios de Preparación de Docentes – David Schwarzer/Lina M. Caswell: Translingüismo for The Bilingual Teacher: Phenomenon, Ideology, y Estrategia en el Salón de Clase – Imelda De La Rosa: English Learner Strategies: Should Teachers Be Torn Between Los Dos Idiomas o Capatilize en Los Two? – Action – Diana Cedeño/Julio C. Parra: Breaking Walls: Language Inclusion y Familias Latinas – Clarena Larrotta: Parent Roles in Hybrid Parental Engagement – Mary Petrón/Helen Berg: Pero No Sé Bien el Español: Formación de Docentes Bilingües and High Stakes Language Proficiency Testing – David Schwarzer/Mary Petrón/Clarena Larrotta: Conclusion – Contributors.