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Building, Maintaining, and Repairing Classroom Relationships

This Room of Earth and Sky

Jerry Worley and Logan Roshell

Now more than ever, students need support. To meet their needs, educators should encourage their students to break from the mainstream by inspecting their experiences, and therefore expressing their own values. This endeavor will lead students to make choices that are best for themselves and others. It is important to support students in both relating and connecting to society, and to have hope and joy for meeting the day full on.

Educators need to give their students the opportunity to reveal their life histories, experiences, perspectives, and expectations in ways that are themed with the educators' class curriculums. Doing so will naturally build inter-subjectivity. Increased inter-subjectivity leads to meaningful relationships and higher achievement. In turn, this will lead to stronger social relatedness and connectedness.

The purpose of Building, Maintaining, and Repairing Classroom Relationships is simple: to quickly build classroom relationships in a metaphorical, colorful, and creative way. This can be accomplished by theming curriculum with phenomenology, experience, and values clarification (PEVC) strategies. This book is set up in a concrete, sequential, and linear fashion, and is designed to meet the needs of a variety of educators and leaders. It is arranged to be browsed for quick reference for teachers who are busy and need relationship building strategies, fast.

Dwight C. Watson: Foreword – Introduction – Summer Dreams: Sharing Skills and Experiences – Forever Sunrises: Classic Bridge Builders – Tell Us About an Uncloudy Day: Hopeful and Insightful – Seven Bridges Road: Crossing the Frightening Abyss … Gritty and Stark Reality – Papyrus in a Clear, Cold Stream: Engaging Writing Prompts – Loosening the Snare: Is There No Place on Earth for Me? – Thunderbirds Above the Great Plains: Double Your Happiness – Fresh Mountain Berries: Pulling on the Heartstrings of Our Students – Both Sides of the Sky, Both Sides of the Pillow: Time for a Cool Change – Touch the Sky, See the Future: Unasked for Advice – Eight Sunrises, Eight Sunbeams: Activities That Students Love.