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Nietzsche and the Buddha

Different Lives, Same Ideas (How Nietzsche May Yet Become the West’s Own Buddha)

Daniel Chapelle

This book examines Nietzsche’s claim that he could be the "Buddha of the West." A close reading of his texts shows substantial similarities with the Buddha’s teachings, suggesting a potential basis and a potentially promising future for a Western Buddhism that would be based on Nietzsche’s philosophy. The book first provides a brief comparative biography of Nietzsche and the Buddha and then a review of the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path and of what there is in Nietzsche’s writings that is his equivalent to those teachings.

While the West often looks to neuroscience to validate the Buddhist teachings and practices, this book suggests it would be better to study Nietzsche’s thought to discover not only validation for Buddhist teachings but the very foundation of a "Buddhism" that is of the West, by the West, and for the West.

Acknowledgments – Preface– Introduction – Buddha and Nietzsche in Their Own Time and World – First Noble Truth: Unhappiness (Dukkha) – Second Noble Truth: The Origin and Nature of Unhappiness – Third Noble Truth: Ending Unhappiness – Fourth Noble Truth: The Path to Cheerfulness – Right View – Right Intention – Right Speech – Right Conduct – Right Livelihood – Right Effort – Right Mindfulness – Right Concentration – Unsentimental Compassion – Conclusion: Western Buddhism After Nietzsche? – References – Index.