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Cultures in Conflict

Religion, History and Gender in Northern Europe c. 1800–2000

Edited By Alexander Maurits, Johannes Ljungberg and Erik Sidenvall

This book includes studies of main conflict areas in modern Western societies where religion has been a central element, ranging from popular movements and narratives of opposition to challenges of religious satire and anti-clerical critique. Special attention is given to matters of politics and gender. With this theme, it provides a useful guide to conflict areas in modern European religious history.

Interconnected Conflicts: Religion, History, and Gender

Types of Pilgrimages in Germany between Early and High-Ultramontanism: The Examples of Trier (1844) and Marpingen (1876)

Pain, Passion and Compassion. Writing on Stigmatic Women in Modern Europe

‘If I Am Not Allowed to Wear Trousers I Cannot Live.’ Therese Andreas Bruce and the Struggle for a Male Identity in Nineteenth- Century Sweden

‘Poland is Catholic, and a Pole is a Catholic.’ The Oppressed Evangelical Masurians after the Second World War

‘Religion’s safe, with Priestcraft is the War’: Satirical Subversion of Clerical Authority in Western Europe 1650−1850

Catholic Celebrities, Religious Commodities and Commotions in the Light of Swedish Anti- Catholicism

Religion and the Rise of Modern Sport

The Religious Memory of Crisis. The Example of Apocalyptic Memory in Nineteenth- Century Art and Fiction