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Scientific Researches in Health Sciences

Edited By Fatma Eti Aslan

The increased knowledge in health care and the development of health-care technologies is a great contribution to scientific studies in this field.

In this context, this book will contribute to the development of health sciences and the quality of patient care, with a total of 14 scientific original research articles of which eight are on physiotherapy and rehabilitation, five on nursing, and one on health management.

Grip Strength – Muscle Strength –Adolescent – Physical activity –Neck Pain – Relaxation –Radius –Fracture – Musculoskeletal Disorders – Metal Workers – Physiotherapy – Exercise therapy –Dual-task – Executive function – Aging – Students –Health-related quality of life –Nursing care –Y generation – X generation –Care – compassion – Operating room – patient safety –Dressing Pain – Wound Pain – Disaster Preparedness – Hospital Disaster