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Softpower, Soccer, Supremacy

The Chinese Dream


Edited By J.A. Mangan, Peter Horton and Christian Tagsold

Xi Jinping’s "Soccer Revolution" is unique: the most extensive politicization and geo-politicization of the Global Game. His purpose is to extend the global softpower projection of "the Middle Kingdom": an ancient Western imperial mantra ("bread and circuses") has been replaced by a modern Eastern "imperial" mantra ("rice and pitches"). The Asian Football Federation shares this "allopathic" vision of East Asian soccer: the future is Asia and it starts in China! Soccer is a talisman for a New Asia in a New Era. For China soccer is a hubristic instrument of softpower projection. Softpower, Soccer, Supremacy: The Chinese Dream makes this point forcefully. In East Asia soccer in now "much more than a game"!

List of Tables – Acknowledgements – J.A. Mangan: Prologue: Xi’s Chinese Dream: "Rice and Pitches" (‘粮食与球场’)—Imperial Strategies – Li Jinning/Keiko Ikeda: China, Politics and Soccer: The Era of the Cultural Revolution—The Immediate and Eventual Consequences for "The Chinese Dream" – Jiahao Hu: Chinese Sports Diplomacy: Intentions, Innovations, and Impediments—The Background to the BRI and BRICS Initiatives – Tobias Zuser: Building a Successful Superhighway: Soccer Revolution and the Realization of the Chinese Dream—An Overview – Emma Lupano: Dreams: The Pursuit of Consensus and the Display of National Power—Chinese Soccer Softpower Narratives – Leah (Xiufang) Li: Positive Projection: Soccer and Xi’s Softpower Strategy—Branding, Intention, Ambition, and Assertion – Tobias Zuser/Lawrence Ka-ki Ho: "The Chinese Dream": Neglected Dimension—Who Is Chinese?Multi-Ethnic Soccer Representation – Tzu-hsuan Chen/Alan Bairner: Crossing the Penalty Area? The Dynamics of Chinese/Taiwanese Football – John Connell: Dreams, Desires, and Destiny: Football and Fantasies in China – PART 2: Korean Perspectives – Jong-sung Lee: Failed Diplomatic Tool: Soccer—An Evolving Soft Power Relationship between China and Korea – Kyoungho Park/Gwang Ok: From Chinese Neurosis to South Korean Nightmare: Soccer as a Shifting Barometer of National Self-Confidence – Udo Merkel: Sport as a Nation Branding Tool in Divided Korea: Soccer, Status, and Softpower – PART 3: Japanese Perspectives – Christian Tagsold/Sato Ryohei: Japan and China: Overview—Leagues and Clubs – Christian Tagsold: Meeting Xi’s Ambitions with a Critical Eye: Japan’s Reaction to China’s Football Dreams—A "Further Caveat" – Colm Hickey: "The Guiding Light for the sport in Japan!"—Middlesex Wanderers and the Development of Football in Japan, 1967–2017: Regional Domination? An Anglo-Saxon Heritage of Supremacy to be Respected and Retained? – PART 4: Australian Perspectives – David Rowe/Keith Parry/Bonnie Pang: The China Question and Soccer in Australia – Peter Horton: Blinded by the Light! Hard Ball Disguised as Soccer: Interpreting China’s Football Dream—An Australian’s Reflection – Steve Georgakis/Andy Harper: Will Xi Jinping’s China Soccer Dream Become Australia’s Football Nightmare? – J.A. Mangan: Epilogue – Contributors – Index.