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Barriers to Rebuilding the African American Community

Understanding the Issues Facing Today’s African Americans from a Social Work Perspective

Tywan Ajani

Barriers to Rebuilding the African American Community explores the major threats and roots affecting both America’s most racially polarized periods as well as the major issues plaguing the African American community. The author provides intelligent insight into the deeper roots of America’s long history and struggle with racism as well as the solution. The author shows how a background investigation of medical science, culture, and social policy can propel or subdue an entire people group, and examines research on A.C.E.S. (Adverse Childhood Experiences), which affects all communities regardless of race. This book is an exciting and well-researched exposeì into one of America’s most electrifying socio-political movements.

Preface – Acknowledgments – The Crux of the Matter – The Unarmed Paradigm – The Oppressed Always Recoil – The Root – Chicanery and Politics; Opposing Viewpoints – It’s More Than Just a Black Thing – The Nemesis of the Black Community – I Can’t Believe They Said That – The Evidence Speaks – The Solution; If There Is One – Author’s Final Thoughts – Discussion Questions.