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The Diplomacy of Theodore Brown and the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War

Negotiating a Destiny

Keith A. Dye

This book chronicles the diplomacy of civil rights activist Theodore Brown and the American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa (ANLCA) to help end the Nigeria-Biafra civil war from 1967 to 1970. The book challenges histories dismissive of the ANLCA and makes its contribution to African American history and U.S. history by arguing that the group was successful as the only African American group allowed to serve as mediators to the conflict. This was a "first" for African American relations with Africa as a result of post-coloniality. Their endeavor opened up a new avenue for relations between the two peoples. Their effort was unique because it was independent of the U.S. government.

Acknowledgments – Introduction – Sourcing the Prelude to 1960: Great Britain, Nigerians, African Americans, Nigeria and the United States Two Decisions: The United States and the American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa Engage Pre-War Nigeria Declaring War, Declaring African America "The Response in Africa Especially in Nigeria Was Extremely Encouraging" Conclusion: A Pyrrhic Victory? – Index.