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Edited By Elbeyi Pelit, Hasan Hüseyin Soybali and Ali Avan

As a service-oriented industry and with its distinctive characteristics, tourism is based on experiences. It is necessary to provide the highest level of service and to keep the quality of interaction at a certain level. In the tourism industry, differentiation and new perspectives are needed in order to increase the quality of experiences and to have a different position in the minds of individuals than competitors. There is a crucial role of efficient management of business processes in order to ascertain this differentiation. Herein, especially in tourism and hospitality industry, the pursuance of new tendencies will provide substantial benefits to the relevant enterprises at all of these processes. From this point of view, with this book, the aim is to guide tourism organizations in terms of improving service encounter processes and quality of experiences by giving crucial tips about current managerial perspectives and practices.

Table of contents