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Travel Narratives of the Irish Famine

Politics, Tourism, and Scandal, 1845-1853


Catherine Nealy Judd

Contents: Introduction – Early Famine Travelers, 1845–1846 – «An Acre of Stony Ground»: Orangeism, Wastelands, and Agriculture in Thomas Campbell Foster’s Letters, 1845–1846 –Theresa Cornwallis West’s 1846 Summer Visit: United Irishmen, Young Ireland, and Mazzini’s Risorgimento – Relief Work and Infrastructure, 1847–1848 – Peripatetic Charity in 1847: Pilgrimage, Soup Kitchens, and Skibbereen – Athlone, the Bog of Allen, and Famine Civil Engineering, 1846 to 1847 – Revolution and Compassion Fatigue, 1848–1850 – Revolutionary Ireland, 1848: New York City Tourists and the John Mitchel Trial – Celebrity Tourists, 1848–1849: De Vere and Tennyson – Duffy and Carlyle – Sidney Godolphin Osborne, the Irish Famine, and the Illustrated London News, 1849–1850 – Late Famine Ireland, 1849–1853 – «Obliterated, Never to Return»: Travel Literature in Late and Post Famine Ireland, 1849–1853.