Value Creation within the Construction Industry

A Study of Strategic Takeovers

by Joachim Vogt (Author)
Thesis XX, 114 Pages


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are important strategic business options for corporations. Yet, the understanding of industry-specific drivers of M&A transactions is more than limited. Characterized by highly fragmented markets, cross-company production structures and increasing international business scope, the construction industry represents an attractive field of research to address questions on M&A motives. Based on comprehensively selected datasets and state-of-the-art empirical methods, the study illustrates the motives, the strategy and the effects of M&A transaction within the construction industry. Overall the analyzed M&A transactions tend to lead to an increase of corporate wealth. Important factors for a positive development comprise the peculiarities of the construction industry, the general market conditions and the nature of many takeovers. Still, the M&A transactions may also cause significant value destruction and may even lead to a failure of a company if an inappropriate strategy is applied.


XX, 114
ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2011 (April)
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. XX, 114 pp., num. tables and graphs

Biographical notes

Joachim Vogt (Author)

Joachim Vogt received his doctorate in economic science at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel in Germany. Before his PhD program, he worked as a business professional for an international construction firm. In the course of his career, the author broadened his knowledge across several business areas in the construction industry, focussing on strategy and corporate development. He currently works as a consultant with a specialization in M&A transactions.


Title: Value Creation within the Construction Industry