Workers, Citizens, Governance

Socio-Cultural Innovation at Work

by Francesco Garibaldo (Author) Mirella Baglioni (Author) Catherine Casey (Author) Volker Telljohann (Author)
©2012 Edited Collection 222 Pages


This book pursues principal aims. First it describes and reviews current concerns in regard to the conditions of labour markets, production organizations, working conditions, and industrial and employment relations. Prominent among these concerns are the crisis in trade unions and in democratic labour market institutions, and the rise of what many critics regard as technocratic administrative powers in the displacement of democratic practices. Furthermore the book explores aspects of the search for socio-cultural innovation in the wide areas of work, industrial, organizational, management, and employment relations. It therefore deals with participatory democratic practices in the world of work and production, with citizenship, social cohesion, wider participation in education and training, as well as with cultural interests in identity, solidarity and non-market values.


ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2012 (September)
Solidarity Non-Market Values Trade Unions Welfare Transnational Unionism Working Conditions in the Enlarged EU Identity democratic crisis
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2012. 222 pp., 1 table, 4 graphs

Biographical notes

Francesco Garibaldo (Author) Mirella Baglioni (Author) Catherine Casey (Author) Volker Telljohann (Author)

Francesco Garibaldo is an industrial sociologist. He was director of the Institute for Labour Foundation (IpL) in Bologna. He is engaged as consultant on work, labour and organizational design issues and is member of several Italian and international scientific committees and editorial boards. As vice-president of the Research Committee 10, he is member of the International Sociological Association. Mirella Baglioni is Professor of socio-economics at the department of Economics, University of Parma (Italy). She studied at the Catholic University of Milan, has served as evaluator of various research projects for different public institutions including the European Commission and contributed to many comparative researchs. Her research focuses on European Works Councils, public policy and the role of interest representation. Catherine Casey is an economic sociologist and Professor of Organization and Society at the University of Leicester (UK). She studied at the University of Rochester, NY and worked at several institutes including ones in Auckland, Dublin and Florence. She is Senior Editor of Organization Studies and has served in advisory capacities to various policy and research bodies including the European Commission. Volker Telljohann is a senior researcher in the field of industrial sociology. He holds a DSocSci in social and economic sciences from the University of Osnabrück. He coordinated research projects on employee participation, European and International Framework Agreements, problems of functioning of EWCs, employee involvement in the European Company and transnational social regulation and is currently in charge of European policies at the Institute for Economic and Social Research (IRES) in Emilia-Romagna (Italy).


Title: Workers, Citizens, Governance