Sámi Education

by Pigga Keskitalo (Author) Kaarina Määttä (Author) Satu Uusiautti (Author)
©2013 Others 120 Pages


This book is a pioneering work. It discusses special characteristics of the education of Sámi people, an indigenous people living in Northern Europe. The book provides a comprehensive study of indigenous school research and special features of Sámi education including problems and opportunities that teachers and pupils confront daily. The purpose of this book is to support the realization of indigenous peoples’ education based on their own cultural premises. New, reformative pedagogical models and culturally sensitive teaching arrangements that could enhance Sámi education are the focus of the book. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in indigenous peoples’ educational conditions and is based on the authors’ research cooperation in the field of Sámi education.


ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2013 (November)
language education indigenous studies language revitalization School ethnography
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2013. 120 pp., 3 b/w fig., 6 graphs

Biographical notes

Pigga Keskitalo (Author) Kaarina Määttä (Author) Satu Uusiautti (Author)

Pigga Keskitalo is an associate professor at the teacher training department of the Sámi University College in Kautokeino (Norway). She did her doctoral research about Sámi education at the University of Lapland (Finland). She has been working as a teacher educator for several years and has published numerous articles and books about Sámi education. Kaarina Määttä is the professor of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Education and a vice-rector of the University of Lapland (Finland). During her career, she has supervised over 50 doctoral theses and published numerous peer-reviewed articles and books. Her personal research interests cover love, human strengths, teacher education and early childhood education, and supervision of doctoral theses and student guidance. Satu Uusiautti works as a specialist at the University of Lapland (Finland), and as a post doctoral researcher in the research project «Love-based Leadership – An Interdisciplinary Approach» (http://www.ulapland.fi/lbleadership). Her personal research interests are positive psychology and human strengths, happiness, success, and well-being in life in general, but especially in school surroundings and diverse educational contexts.


Title: Sámi Education