Introduction to Philosophy

by Renáta Kišoňová (Author)
©2016 Monographs 110 Pages
Series: Uni Slovakia, Volume 13


The first part of this textbook introduces philosophy to the reader as a part of culture, in addition to science, religion, art. It outlines various disciplines of philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, philosophy of mind etc. The second part maps the understanding of history, or the philosophical reflection of history in the history of philosophy.

Table Of Contents

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  • Title
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  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1. What is Philosophy?
  • 2. Philosophy as a Term
  • 3. Origin and Formation of Philosophy
  • 3.1 Wonder
  • 3.2 Doubt
  • 3.3 Boundary Situation
  • 3.4 Origin of Philosophy
  • 4. Philosophical Disciplines
  • 4.1 Metaphysics
  • 4.2 Epistemology
  • 4.3 Social Philosophy
  • 4.4 Philosophical Anthropology
  • 4.5 Aesthetics
  • 4.6 Ethics
  • 4.7 Logic
  • 4.8 Philosophy of Mind
  • 5. Philosophy and History
  • 5.1 Philosophy of History
  • 5.2 Ancient Philosophy and History
  • 5.3 The Jews and History
  • 5.4 Medieval Philosophy and History
  • 5.5 St. Augustine
  • 5.6 Renaissance Philosophy
  • 5.7 Modern Philosophy and History
  • 5.8 Vico
  • 5.9 The French Enlightenment
  • 5.10 Voltaire
  • 5.11 Condorcet
  • 5.12 Comte
  • 5.13 The German Enlightenment and History
  • 5.14 Herder
  • 5.15 Kant and his Contribution to History
  • 5.16. Hegel
  • 5.17. Nietzsche and History
  • 5.18. Spengler
  • 5.19. Jaspers
  • 6. Philosophy and Science
  • 7. Instead of Conclusion
  • Bibliography


This textbook is based on the lectures of the course The Introduction to Philosophy, which I have been teaching for several years at the Department of Philosophy of FFTU (Faculty of Arts of Trnava University) in Trnava. On the book market there are many “Introductions to Philosophy”, many of which are treated as a brief history of the subject. This is not the aim of this textbook for two reasons. On one hand, presenting the history of philosophy is a much too ambitious goal, and on the other the sheer extent of this topic does not permit such an approach. I considered the structure of the text for a long time before finally deciding to split it into two parts: the first part introduces philosophy to the reader as a part of culture, in addition to science, religion and art. It outlines various disciplines of philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and aesthetics; philosophy ← 7 | 8 → of mind, philosophical anthropology, social philosophy and philosophy of history. This moves smoothly on to the second part of the text which maps the understanding of history, or rather, the philosophical reflection of history in the history of philosophy (these reflections have some representation here, if only on one platform of a specific problem).

At the beginning of this text, I am obliged to inform the reader that any introduction – including the introduction to philosophy – is only a beginning. Therefore at the end of each chapter you will find recommended literature and topics for further consideration.← 8 | 9 →

1. What is Philosophy?

“The question ‘what is philosophy?’ can perhaps be posed only late in life, with the arrival of old age and the time for speaking concretely. In fact, the bibliography on the nature of philosophy is very limited. It is a question posed in a moment of quiet restlessness, at midnight, when there is no longer anything to ask”.

Deleuze, Guattari: What is Philosophy?


ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2016 (April)
Science Religion Introduction History
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2016. 110 pp.

Biographical notes

Renáta Kišoňová (Author)

Renáta Kišoňová studied Philosophy at the University of Trnava. Her research interests include the problems of metaphysics.


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