The Story of a People

An Anthology of Palestinian Poets within the Green-Lines- Edited and translated by Jamal Assadi- With Assistance from Simon Jacobs

by Jamal Assadi (Volume editor)
©2012 Monographs XVIII, 231 Pages


The Story of a People is the sixth in a series of volumes on Palestinian writers who compel into unity the contradictions of being Israeli citizens as well as sons and daughters of the Palestinian people. This volume contains the works of forty poets, and offers a variety of themes, styles, contexts, imagery, tones, and language.
The poets, arranged alphabetically, depict a faithful picture of the various aspects of Arab life among what is called, paradoxically, Israeli-Palestinian societies. They present new arenas where opposing factors harmoniously join to struggle for dignity, freedom, and justice. Readers of this volume will encounter serious poems strewn with light and humorous themes and poems of sensual and spiritual love interwoven with poems of the unusual and political. These Israeli- Palestinian poets’ distinctive flavor emerges from their ability to challenge norms, fight oppression, and burst open closed doors to tell their own stories – the stories of their plight, alienation, marginalization, and hopes and dreams – in a new magnified voice, first to their community, then to their people and nation, then to their country, and now to the wider English-speaking public.


XVIII, 231
ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2012 (February)
Poetry Palestinian Poets Arabic Poetry San Abu Sann Fahd Abk Khadrah Ali Taha Mohmmad Samih Al-Qasim Suud Assadi Salman Daghash Dagash Suleiman Daher Mona Darwish Mahmud Debbini Susan Farah George Jiryes Turki 'Amer Al-Madhi Rushdi
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2012. XVIII, 231 pp.

Biographical notes

Jamal Assadi (Volume editor)

Jamal Assadi is a lecturer at An-Najah National University, Nablus and chairs the English Department at the College of Sakhnin for Teacher Education. He received his PhD in English literature from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England. In addition to numerous articles in professional journals, Dr. Assadi is the author of Acting, Rhetoric, and Interpretation in Selected Novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Saul Bellow (2006); A Distant Drummer: Foreign Perspectives on F. Scott Fitzgerald (2007); Mohammad Ali Taha’s «A Rose to Hafeeza’s Eyes» and Other Stories (2008); Father and Son: Selected Short Fiction by Hanna Ibrahim Elias and Mohammad Ali Saeid (2009); Three Voices from the Galilee: Selected Short Stories by Mohammad Nafaa, Zaki Darwish and Naji Daher (2010); Mustafa Murrar: «The Internal Pages» and Other Stories (2010); Loud Sounds from the Holy Land: Short Fiction by Palestinian Women (2011); and The Road to Self-Revival: Sufism, Heritage, Intertextuality and Meta-Poetry in Modern Arabic Poetry (2011).


Title: The Story of a People