Studies in Bilingual Education

by Daniel Madrid Fernandez (Volume editor) Stephen Hughes (Volume editor)
©2011 Edited Collection 472 Pages
Series: Linguistic Insights, Volume 122


This book deals with bilingual education in general, but it pays special attention to bilingual education in monolingual areas. One central aim is to study the effects of bilingual programmes during the final stages of Primary and Secondary Education in contexts where the L2 (English) is not normally used as an instrument of social communication in the students’ environment, but instead is used only at school, where some subject areas are undertaken totally or partially in this language. The reader interested in bilingual education will find a valuable source of information on different bilingual programmes in the USA and Spain: what schools do and the contents they teach, their timetable and extracurricular activities; the specific objectives that they aim to achieve and the methodology they use, with special reference to the CLIL approach, the schools and the students’ level of success with bilingual education, the most common problems that they have to face in monolingual areas and how to solve them.


ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2011 (July)
Primary schools and Secondary schools Related languages and dialects Language and foreign language teaching
Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. 472 pp., num. tables and graphs

Biographical notes

Daniel Madrid Fernandez (Volume editor) Stephen Hughes (Volume editor)

Daniel Madrid is Professor of TEFL at the Faculty of Education of the University of Granada, giving EFL methodology courses for Primary and Secondary teachers. He has promoted and coordinated several student exchange programmes with European universities and has published a considerable number of articles, chapters and books on ELT. He has also produced a wide variety of teaching materials for primary and secondary education as well as university students, and has directed and carried out several research projects on various educational issues. Stephen Hughes has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Granada. His professional activities currently include secondary school management, language teaching and teacher training. His research interests include the application of quality management models in language education which originally stem from his role as coordinator of Quality Commissions in two secondary schools, his participation in the ECML QualiTraining project and his doctoral thesis on the identification of contextualised quality indicators in English language teaching.


Title: Studies in Bilingual Education