War, Journalism and History

War Correspondents in the Two World Wars- With a foreword by Phillip Knightley

by Yvonne McEwen (Volume editor) Fiona A. Fisken (Volume editor)
©2012 Edited Collection XV, 215 Pages


War, Journalism and History is the first published work to examine an eclectic mix of correspondents during the two world wars who were prepared, often at great personal cost, to inform the public about the obscenity of warfare. Throughout both world wars the lack of credible information being dispatched from fighting fronts to the home front led to the creation of an information vacuum. The void was filled by war correspondents: the heroes, sometimes anti-heroes, of news reporting. This edited volume examines the lives and works of maverick war correspondents such as Richard Dimbleby, Vasilii Grossman, Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Albert Londres, Vera Brittain, and others who, whether through the use of pen or camera, typewriter or radio, tried to secure the integrity of wartime reporting and accurately record history in the making.


XV, 215
ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2012 (September)
obscenity news reporting integrity personal cost
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2012. XVI, 215 pp.

Biographical notes

Yvonne McEwen (Volume editor) Fiona A. Fisken (Volume editor)

Yvonne T. McEwen is an Honorary Fellow at The Centre for The Study of The Two World Wars, The University of Edinburgh, and is the Official Historian of The British Army Nursing Service. She has published on Ireland’s contribution to the two world wars, and military nursing in the First World War. She has reported on the health and social effects of conflicts for British newspapers. Fiona A. Fisken has a degree in Biological Sciences, and trained as a sub-editor at Blackwell Scientific Publications. Over the past twenty-six years she has gained extensive experience in publishing, but primarily specialises in books on animal conservation and behaviour. Since 2003, she has been Managing Editor of International Zoo Yearbook.


Title: War, Journalism and History