Behind the Image

Understanding the Old Testament in Medieval Art

by Judith A. Kidd (Author)
©2014 Monographs XVI, 257 Pages


Scenes and characters from the Old Testament appear frequently in Western medieval art, yet the study of their significance is a neglected area of iconography. A common literature for both Jews and Christians, the Hebrew Scriptures had an especially broad appeal for the Church of the Middle Ages. Many sections of medieval society identified with the Hebrews of the Old Testament and sought from them direct models for leadership, moral behaviour and even art itself. Most of the imagery in medieval art derived from close study of the biblical texts and from the retelling of these stories in contemporary poetry and drama.
This interdisciplinary study of art history and theology takes a thematic approach to the ways in which the Church drew on the ancient texts, focusing on the topics precedent, word, time, typology and synagogue. The introduction given here to the vast scholarly and literary hinterland behind the art, with insights into the thought processes from which the images emerged, not only brings fresh perspectives to specific sculptures, wall paintings, stained glass and liturgical objects, but facilitates a better understanding of Old Testament iconography wherever it is encountered.


XVI, 257
ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2013 (December)
iconography leadership moral behaviour poetry drama
Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2014. 257 pp., 6 coloured ill., 45 b/w ill.

Biographical notes

Judith A. Kidd (Author)

Judith A. Kidd read Theology at King’s College London and, after a Goldsmith’s Company scholarship to study religious art in French and Spanish Catalonia, pursued her interest in iconography with a research degree in the Art History department of Bristol University. She subsequently taught at Wycombe Abbey and North London Collegiate and has published articles combining the two areas of theology and art history.


Title: Behind the Image