Critical Pedagogy Primer

Second Edition

by Joe L. Kincheloe (Author)
Textbook XII, 202 Pages
Series: Counterpoints Primers, Volume 1


The second edition of the Critical Pedagogy Primer not only introduces the topic but also provides a vision for the future of the critical pedagogy. Kincheloe’s notion of an «evolving criticality» makes sure that critical pedagogy will continue to be a vibrant and creative force that makes a powerful difference in education and in the world in general. As it prepares readers for the challenges of the future, it focuses on the traditions and individuals who have helped construct the discipline. This attention to the past and the future provides readers with an introduction unlike most initiations into academic disciplines. In a richly textured but direct manner, Kincheloe captures the spirit of critical pedagogy in a language accessible to diverse audiences. Both the uninitiated and those with experience in critical pedagogy can learn from this unique and compelling perspective on the field.


XII, 202
ISBN (Softcover)
Publication date
2004 (April)
traditions Pädagogik Kritische Theorie Critical pedagogy future evolving criticality

Biographical notes

Joe L. Kincheloe (Author)

The Author: Joe L. Kincheloe, Canada Research Chair in Critical Pedagogy at McGill University and founder of The Paulo and Nita Freire International Project for Critical Pedagogy, is a scholar of critical pedagogy, research, cognition, curriculum, and cultural studies. Kincheloe’s recent book with Peter McLaren, Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now? (Lang, 2007) is a best-selling look at the future of critical pedagogy. His other books include: Teachers as Researchers: Qualitative Paths to Empowerment (2002); Critical Constructivism Primer (Lang, 2005); and Changing Multiculturalism: New Times, New Curriculum (with Shirley Steinberg, 1997).


Title: Critical Pedagogy Primer