How One Educator Preparation Program Reinvented Student Teaching

A Story of Transformation

by Susan K. Brondyk (Author) Nancy L. Cook (Author)
©2020 Textbook 172 Pages


Changing people’s practice is difficult, shifting the culture of an organization even more so. This book is a description of how one education preparation program did both. This is the story of how they transformed their student teaching program, creating tools and structures that resulted in mentors and student teachers working together in new ways. At the heart of their model is an assessment tool—STAT, for short—used to track the growth and development of student teachers and guide conversations between the college supervisor, cooperating teacher and student teacher. Although this book describes Hope College’s new student teaching model it is really about change. This story takes the reader through the complex change process of one institution, examining the loosely coupled dynamic between leaders and individuals. It describes the natural tension between support and autonomy as program leaders walk alongside individuals as they enact a new practice. This book is intended for teacher educators interested in a developmental model of mentor support, but also for those faced with the daunting task of making changes in their own program. There are lessons learned, however, that go beyond teacher preparation and may serve as a catalyst for others as they engage in their own change process.

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  • Table of Contents
  • Lists of Tables, Figures and Tools
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Part 1 Envisioning the Change
  • Chapter One Kotter Step 1: Establishing a Sense of Urgency
  • Chapter Two Kotter Step 2: Creating a Guiding Coalition
  • Chapter Three Kotter Step 3: Developing a Vision
  • Chapter Four A New Student Teaching Model
  • Part 2 Implementing the Change
  • Chapter Five Kotter Step 4: Communicating the Change Vision
  • Chapter Six Kotter Step 5: Empowering Broad-Based Action
  • Chapter Seven Kotter Step 6: Generating Short-Term Wins
  • Part 3 Sustaining the Change
  • Chapter Eight Kotter Step 7: Consolidating Gains and Producing More Change
  • Chapter Nine Kotter Step 8: Anchoring New Approaches in the Culture
  • Chapter Ten Analyzing the Change Process
  • Index

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Writing a book does not happen in a vacuum and we owe our families our heartfelt gratitude. To our wonderful husbands, Dan Brondyk and Brian Cook, who stood beside us through thick and thin, supported us when we needed it and knew enough when to leave the room when the going got tough. And to our children for being our inspiration.

We would like to acknowledge some of our colleagues at Hope College, without whom this work would not have been possible:

John Yelding, our chairperson, for breathing life into the co-mentoring project

Laura Pardo, our former chairperson, for her initial support of our vision for co-mentoring

Scott VanderStoep, our Dean for the Social Sciences, for his ongoing financial backing and encouragement

Doug Braschler, Director of National Accreditation and Special Programming, for his wisdom and leadership, in addition to his willingness to share college and program descriptions

Amy Scholten, our office manager, for her quick responses to our requests for materials and information

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Lori Schneider, our office assistant, for her brilliant design and implementation of our online version of the Student Teaching Assessment Tool and Teacher Candidate Assessment Tools

Our great cadre of college supervisors (Lyne Burkey, Dick Chambers, Carrie Dummer, Stu Fritz, Jodi Gerrits, Carrie Homkes, Christina Hornbach, Kristi Karis, Ellen Kontowicz, Pam Maat, Barb Reilly) for their good spirit and willingness to partner with us in this adventure

Our fabulous colleagues in our department for cheering us on

Sue would personally like to acknowledge the following people and their influence on her personal journey:

Randi Stanulis for modeling empowering leadership and introducing me to the world of educative mentoring

Suzanne Wilson for her wisdom, especially her advice that “the theory that gets you into the research is not always the theory that gets you out”

Steve Floyd for his support and inspiration to keep pushing myself to make a difference

Nancy would further like to acknowledge the following individuals who have provided guidance and encouragement:

Barb Ferguson for her wisdom and model as a dedicated and passionate educator

Leslie Wessman for encouraging me to consider Ernest Boyer’s scholarship of application and teaching as a basis for my scholarly pursuits and research

Susan Cherup for her positive energy and influence on “all things Nancy”

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AFI Area for Improvement
CAEP Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
EPP Educator Preparation Providers
HTP Half-Time Professor program
IEP Individualized Education Program
NCATE National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education
NFEC National Field Experience Conference
PA Professional Abilities
PEC Performance Evaluation Committee
STAT Student Teaching Assessment Tool
TCAT Teacher Candidate Assessment Tool
TEAC Teacher Education Accreditation Council
TEC Teacher Education Council
SCECH State Continuing Education Clock Hours (Michigan)
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ISBN (Softcover)
ISBN (Hardcover)
Publication date
2020 (December)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Oxford, Wien, 2020. XIV, 172 pp., 12 b/w ill., 2 tables.

Biographical notes

Susan K. Brondyk (Author) Nancy L. Cook (Author)

Susan K. Brondyk received her doctorate from Michigan State University. She is currently an endowed Associate Professor of Education at Hope College. Recent publications include chapters in Wiley-Blackwell International Handbook of Mentoring and Engaged Clinical Practice: Preparing Mentor Teachers and University-Based Educators to Support Teacher Candidate Learning. Nancy L. Cook is a graduate of Michigan State University with degrees in special education. She taught for 30 years in PK-12 and currently serves as Director of Student Teaching. She’s been recognized as "Outstanding Faculty/Staff Person" and received several awards for teaching and service.


Title: How One Educator Preparation Program Reinvented Student Teaching