Asian/American Scholars of Education

21st Century Pedagogies, Perspectives, and Experiences, Second Edition

by Nicholas D. Hartlep (Volume editor) Daisy Ball (Volume editor) Kevin E. Wells (Volume editor)
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Series: Education and Struggle, Volume 22


This second edition of Asian/American Scholars of Education: 21st Century Pedagogies, Perspectives, and Experiences shares an updated number of Asian/American luminaries in the field of education. This updated collection of essays and national data analyses acknowledges the struggle that Asian/American Education scholars have faced when it comes to being regarded as legitimate scholars deserving of endowed or distinguished status in the field of education. The chapter contributors in this second edition include postdoctoral mentees, former students, and colleagues of the newly added Asian/American endowed and distinguished professors featured in the book: Hua-Hua Chang, Nicholas Hartlep, Guofang Li, Justin Perry, and Kui Xie. Asian/American Scholars of Education makes an important impact by continuing to ask: Why are there so few Asian/American endowed and distinguished faculty members in education?


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Biographical notes

Nicholas D. Hartlep (Volume editor) Daisy Ball (Volume editor) Kevin E. Wells (Volume editor)

Nicholas D. Hartlep (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) is the Robert Charles Billings Endowed Chair in Education at Berea College where he Chairs the Department of Education Studies. Dr. Hartlep has published 23 books, the most recent being Racial Battle Fatigue in Faculty: Perspectives and Lessons from Higher Education (2020). His book The Neoliberal Agenda and the Student Debt Crisis in U.S. Higher Education (2017), with Lucille L. T. Eckrich and Brandon O. Hensley, was named an Outstanding Book by the Society of Professors of Education. In 2020 he received three national awards: (1) Diverse: Issues in Higher Education named him an Emerging Scholar, (2) the American Association for Access, Equity & Diversity (AAAED) granted him the first Emerging Scholar Award, and (3) the Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL) named him a “Top 100 Leaders in Education.” In 2018, the Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) granted Dr. Hartlep the John Saltmarsh Award for Emerging Leaders in Civic Engagement Award. Daisy Ball (Ph.D., Virginia Tech) is Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program in the Department of Public Affairs at Roanoke College (Salem, VA). Her research focuses on the intersection of race and the criminal justice system, with an emphasis on the criminal justice contact of Asian Americans. Recent publications have appeared in Sociological Spectrum and Deviant Behavior. Kevin E. Wells (Ph.D., Baylor University) is Assistant Professor of Research and Educational Foundations at The University of Southern Mississippi. His research focuses on quantitative research methodology with emphases in structural equation modeling and non-linear longitudinal growth. He has recently authored or coauthored a series of articles dealing with temporal psychology that have appeared in a variety of journals, including, Psychological Assessment, Psychiatry Research, Journal of Adolescence, and International Journal of Behavioral Development. He is currently teaching courses in research methodology, educational statistics, and missing data.


Title: Asian/American Scholars of Education