Multinational teams in the European Commission and the European Parliament

by Anne-Katrin Neyer (Author)
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International public organizations, as the European Commission and the European Parliament, are under almost permanent political pressure to improve efficiency. While teamwork is considered to be a possible remedy, so far little research on effectiveness of multinational teams was undertaken in international public organizations. The purpose of this book is to identify the distinctive characteristics that influence multinational team performance in a public management context. Based on a qualitative research approach a complexity model of multinational team performance was developed. This model can be used as a checklist to identify possible problems in multinational teams. Additionally, managerial implications of how to deal with the inherent complexity of multinational teams are given.


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2018 (September)
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2005. 143 pp., num. tab. and graf.

Biographical notes

Anne-Katrin Neyer (Author)

The Author: Anne-Katrin Neyer, born in 1978, received her Ph.D. in International Management from the University of Economics and Business Adminstration (WU) in Vienna in 2004. During her Ph.D. she worked as research fellow at the Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute for Contemporary Research on Central Europe in Vienna. She is lecturing at the Europe Institute (WU), the University of Aarhus (Denmark) and the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda (Germany). She currently holds a position as Advanced Institute of Management postdoctoral research fellow at London Business School.


Title: Multinational teams in the European Commission and the European Parliament