Information and Manipulation in the Disclosure of the Securitate Files

The Case of Mona Muscă

by Alina Petra Marinescu (Author)
Monographs 128 Pages


The book presents the reader with an applied analysis of how the concepts of information and manipulation were illustrated in the Romanian press when the Securitate files were revealed, based on the case of Mona Muscă, a controversial topic that was widely debated by most dailies at the time. One of the most important roles played by the press is agenda setting – the role of setting priorities on the individual’s agenda. Journalists draw up an imaginary list of topics of primary interest for public debate and forming different currents of. The analyzed press segment revealed the predilection for a speech condemning Mona Muscă. The message received by the target audience was not a balanced, objective one, but one that contradicts the deontology of the journalistic profession.


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mass-media manipulation disinformation politics content analysis newspaper articles Mona Muscă

Biographical notes

Alina Petra Marinescu (Author)

Alina Petra Marinescu studied Journalism and has a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Bucharest, Romania. Her research interests include organizational burnout and mass-media manipulation. In addition to being a university teacher, the author is also a marketing and communication consultant certified as professional trainer, project manager, corporate manager and team performance manager.


Title: Information and Manipulation in the Disclosure of the Securitate Files