Femmes savantes et femmes d'esprit

Women Intellectuals of the French Eighteenth Century

by Roland G. Bonnel (Volume editor) Catherine Rubinger (Volume editor)
Others XIII, 450 Pages


In eighteenth-century France, there were numerous women thinkers and writers, whose contributions to society and to intellectual life were rarely acknowledged either by their contemporaries or in successive generations. This book aims at evaluating their involvement in the intellectual life of eighteenth-century France as novelists, épistolières, moralists, philosophers, journalists, painters, dramatists, and salonières.


XIII, 450
ISBN (Softcover)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt/M., Paris, Wien, 1994. XIII, 450 pp.

Biographical notes

Roland G. Bonnel (Volume editor) Catherine Rubinger (Volume editor)

The Editors: Roland Bonnel was educated in France and Great Britain. He presently teaches Eighteenth-Century French Literature at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Catherine Rubinger was educated in Great Britain and Canada. She presently teaches French and Women Studies at Mont Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada. The contributors: Alain Nabarra, Shirley Jones-Day, Marie-Laure Girou-Swiderski, Judith Curtis, Alix Deguise, Marie-France Silver, Ruth Plaut-Weinreb, Rosena Davison, Jean-Noel Pascal, Isabelle Vissiere, Leonore Loft, Nicole Treves, Mary Trouille, Muriel Usandivaras, Gita May, Catherine Cusset, Catherine Rubinger


Title: Femmes savantes et femmes d'esprit