Asians ahead after the first round?

Indo-British Economic Relations from 1939 to 1950- Political and economic aspects of the «Transfer of Power» and the change from direct rule to indirect influence through Western financial and economic supremacy

by George Bruchhof (Author)
Thesis 146 Pages


This study depicts the amount and kind of development in the Indian economy during the Second World War. The discussion focuses on economic aspect of Indo-British relations. These were characterised by various control mechanisms, control of foreign trade and currency controls necessary in a wartime economy. The Anglo-American loan agreement of 1941 will also be taken into consideration here, as it led to the financial dependency of Great Britain on the U.S.A., which then had repercussions for Indo-British economic relations and also for the finance policies of Great Britain and India. Further consequences of the agreement, especially apparent in the post-war era, are also discussed.


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Frankfurt/M., Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Wien, 1998. 146 pp.

Biographical notes

George Bruchhof (Author)

The Author: Georg Bruchhof was born in 1962 at Niederlahnstein/Germany. Educated in Human Sciences he also studied General History and South-Asian History at Heidelberg University. He was fellow of the Center for Modern Oriental Studies in Berlin and received a doctorate at Heidelberg University.


Title: Asians ahead after the first round?