Trade Unions Today and Tomorrow

Vol. I: Trade Unions in a Changing Europe

by George Spyropoulos (Volume editor)
©1999 Others 266 Pages


Western European countries, like all industrialised market economies, have been confronted since the early 1970s with a profoundly changing economic and social environment. The current crisis is not only apparent in terms of faltering economic growth and low employment perspectives: it is also a social, institutional and political crisis. The quantity and quality of work are changing. New patterns of organising work and production processes and new social relationships emerge at the workplace. Rapid technological change is coming to effect the working lives of virtually all wage and salary earners. Economic stagnation and technological change have been accompanied by rapid changes in the composition of the labour force. As a result of these various factors, established patterns of working life are changing in Europe.
European trade unions are at the centre of this change. What is their role in a society in crisis? Are they going to lose their power as industrialised societies enter a new wave of economic, technological and social innovations, or are they going to assume new roles?
This book and its accompanying volume will hopefully contribute to a better understanding of the functioning of European societies and of the role trade unions play in all aspects of their social, economic and political life.


ISBN (Softcover)
Maastricht 1986. 266 pp., 2 fig., 8 tables

Biographical notes

George Spyropoulos (Volume editor)

The Editor: Georges Spyropoulos studied law at the Universities of Athens (Diploma of Law), Nancy and Paris (Doctor's degree Ph.D.) in law, Laureate of the University of Paris. Spend 28 years with the International Labour Office (1957-1985). His last position in the ILO was Director of the Working Conditions and Environment Department (1980-1985). Presently, he is a consultant of the International Institute for Labour Studies of the ILO and member of the Board of Trusties and Chairman of the Programme Committee of the European Centre for Work and Society (Maastricht, Netherlands). He is the author of several books and a great number of articles on topics such as freedom of association, collective agreements, labour relations, participation, social aspects of European integrating, quality of working life, working conditions, etc.


Title: Trade Unions Today and Tomorrow