Mary – Mother of the African Church

A Theological Inculturation of Mariology

by Ferdinand Nwaigbo (Author)
©2001 Others 218 Pages
Series: Bamberger Theologische Studien, Volume 16


The realization of the doctrine of Mary, as God’s redemptive deeds in Christ in the multi-religious context of Africa is the subject matter of this book. The aim is to study Mary in the context of African society and Church through the process of inculturation. It employed the correlative method. Through this approach we understand Mary through the eyes of African culture and to grasp the African race through Mary. This is achieved through the application of the umbilical cord as a symbol of communication between humanity and maternity. The argument of the book is that in an afro-ecclesial community where communication is opened to Mary, She appears there in Her mystical image as the Mother of the human race, and draws them into the deepest mystery of God.


ISBN (Softcover)
Frankfurt/M., Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2001. 218 pp.

Biographical notes

Ferdinand Nwaigbo (Author)

The Author: Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Nwaigbo was born in 1958 at Ogbunka in Orumba South Local Government, in Anambra State of Nigeria. He studied for his first degree in theology in Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu in 1987 and did his Masters degree programme at Jesuits’ Post Graduate Institute of Theology, Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt in 1992 after which he obtained his Doctorate degree in theology at the University Bamberg in Germany in 1995. Currently, he lectures at the Catholic Institute of West Africa, Port Harcourt, in Rivers State Nigeria.


Title: Mary – Mother of the African Church