Confucianism in the Eyes of a Confucian Liberal

Hsu Fu-kuan's Critical Examination of the Confucian Political Tradition

by Honghe Liu (Author)
©2001 Monographs 205 Pages
Series: Asian Thought and Culture, Volume 43


This book provides access to the work of a brilliant contemporary Chinese thinker, Hsu Fu-kuan, whose works may not be accessible to English readers. As a scholar of depth, acumen, and originality, Hsu endeavors to explore the core value of Confucian humanism and to dissociate it from the baneful or outdated bequest. He attributes the political failures of the culture not to the Confucian tradition, but to a legalistically influenced model of «One-Man Despotism,» and argues that democracy is the only way forward for China. In analyzing Hsu’s thought, this book clearly summarizes the very complex historical trends in Chinese political philosophy and practice spanning centuries. It also explores the possibility of the creative interaction between, and integration of, Confucian humanism and democratic liberalism, as a viable way to solve the moral, spiritual, and ideological problems of China.


ISBN (Hardcover)
culture philosophy humanism liberalism political failures
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Oxford, Wien, 2001. XII, 205 pp.

Biographical notes

Honghe Liu (Author)

The Author: Honghe Liu is Associate Professor of Intellectual History and Political Philosophy at Dalian University of Technology, China. A graduate from Temple University, he was formerly Lecturer of Chinese Language and Culture at Rutgers University and Lecturer of Western Intellectual Heritage at Temple University. While an editor of China Cultural Weekly, he was active in literary, film, and other cultural activities.


Title: Confucianism in the Eyes of a Confucian Liberal