Das Spannungsdreieck USA – Europa – Türkei- A Triangle of Tensions: U. S. – Europe – Turkey

by Andrea K. Riemer (Author) Fred Korkisch (Author)
Conference proceedings 308 Pages
Series: International Security Studies, Volume 1


Die Aktualität des Spannungsverhältnisses zwischen den Vereinigten Staaten, Europa und der Türkei liegt auf der Hand. Die Autoren haben versucht, mit diesem Reader dieses Spannungsverhältnis von unterschiedlichen Standpunkten auszuleuchten. Neben der möglichst umfassenden Information des Lesers bildet die Synthese aus theoretischen Überlegungen (als Gerüst) und praktischen Ansätzen ein weiteres wesentliches Anliegen, das sie mit dieser Publikation vermitteln wollen. Der Sammelband umfasst zum Teil bereits veröffentlichte Beiträge, die auf den letzten Stand gebracht wurden, und zu einem weiteren Teil neue, bislang noch unveröffentlichte Arbeiten.
Witnessing the current somewhat uneasy relations in the triangle United States – Europe – Turkey – it seemed to be a good choice to analyze the evidently rising problems, which will remain of high interest over the next years. National, regional and geopolitical interests, increasingly demanded a different course and had an impact on the position of the United States and the European states. Over the years, these trilateral relations became more and more burdened by dissenting forces, and a declining willingness to accept different requirements. The authors tried to view these differences from various angles and explain the foundations of the current tensions and besides these, finally, a synthesis of both. This reader includes a number of articles published years ago, however, the latest events invited the authors to update these essays with new evidence, facts and improved analyses. A number of articles are new.


ISBN (Softcover)
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2003. 307 S., 3 Karten

Biographical notes

Andrea K. Riemer (Author) Fred Korkisch (Author)

The Authors: Andrea K. Riemer is Associate Professor of International Relations, Deputy Director of the Center of Foreign and Security Policy and member of the Science Board. She was Academic Dean at The International University, Vienna and holds a Doctorate with the Vienna Economic University (1992). She was founder of ARIS Research and Consultancy Office for Security Studies, participated in a number of international research projects and published numerous articles and studies on Turkey, the Greek-Turkish relations and the Kurds. Fred W. Korkisch is Director of the Center of Foreign and Security Policy; a former ranking official in the Austrian MoD, Colonel in the Austrian Air Force, Air Staff and member of the Science Board; since 1970 in the USA, employed in the pharmaceutical industry, student of the Santa Barbara College, University of Michigan; 1972 Austrian Ministry of Defense, 1978 Air Section/Air Staff, General Staff Group B/Operations and International Operations; student of political science, University of Vienna; teaching assignments in various universities and academies; many publications about military issues and especially American foreign and security policy.


Title: Das Spannungsdreieck USA – Europa – Türkei- A Triangle of Tensions: U. S. – Europe – Turkey