A Students’ Guide to African American Literature

1760 to the Present

by Lovalerie King (Author)
Textbook XV, 219 Pages


A Students’ Guide to African American Literature, 1760 to the Present is designed to assist college students (and others) who are relative novices to the study of African American literature. Focusing on the prose tradition (from early autobiographical narratives to contemporary fiction), the author highlights themes, issues, and motifs peculiar to, and recurring in, African American literature, while providing students with more specific information on a number of key texts. Each chapter comes with suggestions for assignments and a selected bibliography for further research. The book also contains an appendix, which contains six student essays, as well as a useful glossary.


XV, 219
ISBN (Softcover)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt/M., Oxford, Wien, 2003. XV, 219 pp.

Biographical notes

Lovalerie King (Author)

The Author: Lovalerie King is Assistant Professor of African American Literature at Penn State-University Park. She is the author of numerous essays, articles, and book reviews in African American literature, women’s studies, and cultural studies, as well as a forthcoming monograph on the treatment of theft, race, and morality in African American literature.


Title: A Students’ Guide to African American Literature