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One or Three?

From the father of Jesus to the trinity

von Karl-Heinz Ohlig (Autor:in) Karl-Heinz Ohlig (Band-Herausgeber:in)
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The study shall demonstrate that the dogma of the Trinity is a product of historical developments. Jesus believed in Jahwe and called him Father. This monotheism was a central subject of the earliest Christian preachings. The contact between the Christianity and the hellenistic thinking and philosophy led to the trinitarian concepts in the second century: the activities of God were interpreted «ad extra», to the outside (the creation «in the beginning» and the guidance over the history of Israel and of the church) as ontological hypostasis in the concept of the «Word» and the «Holy Ghost». In the third century they lost their temporal character and became eternal «qualities» of God himself. Since the fifth century the western Latin theology produced the doctrine of the three persons in God.


ISBN (Paperback)
Frankfurt/M., Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2002. 140 pp.

Biographische Angaben

Karl-Heinz Ohlig (Autor:in) Karl-Heinz Ohlig (Band-Herausgeber:in)

The Author: Karl-Heinz Ohlig, born in 1938, is professor of religious studies and history of Christianity at the university of Saarbrücken. His publications are about the papel primacy, the Christology, the trinity, the Islam and the History of religions.


Titel: One or Three?