A Long Way to Go

Conversations about Race by African American Faculty and Graduate Students

by Darrell Cleveland (Volume editor)
©2004 Textbook XXII, 278 Pages
Series: Higher Ed, Volume 14


A Long Way to Go: Conversations about Race by African American Faculty and Graduate Students highlights the experiences and coping strategies of faculty members and graduate students pursuing Ph.D.s who have successfully navigated the academy despite hostile environments and hurdles that cause many to avoid or leave the academy. African American students and faculty often face problems such as isolation within a white environment, the misinterpretation of confidence as aggressiveness, and the need to work twice as hard as white peers in order to be taken seriously in their chosen careers. This book will assist both doctoral students and junior faculty in successfully completing the graduate school experience and transitioning into tenure-track positions, and will be of great interest to all higher education faculty and administrators who must address the complex issues of diversity in recruiting and retaining graduate students and faculty.


XXII, 278
ISBN (Softcover)
USA Student Schwarze Aufsatzsammlung
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2004. XXII, 278 pp., 2 fig.

Biographical notes

Darrell Cleveland (Volume editor)

The Editor: Darrell Cleveland is currently Assistant Professor in the School of Education at New Jersey City University in New Jersey. He earned his Ph.D. in education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his Ms.Ed in elementary education from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, and his B.A. in African American studies from Temple University in Philadelphia. He has been a middle school teacher in Philadelphia and worked with at-risk youth and individuals with mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions. Dr. Cleveland’s areas of research interest include beginning teachers, out-of-field teaching, teacher shortage and teacher attrition, the state of black education, diversity and inclusion, and minorities in higher education.


Title: A Long Way to Go