Engaging Film Criticism

Film History and Contemporary American Cinema

by Walter Metz (Author)
Textbook XIII, 226 Pages


Engaging Film Criticism examines recent American cinema in relationship to its «imaginative intertexts», films from earlier decades that engage similar political and cultural themes. This historical encounter provides an unexpected and exciting way of reading popular contemporary films. Eclectic pairings include the Schwarzenegger action film True Lies with the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest, as well as the lampooned Will Smith comedy Wild, Wild West with Buster Keaton’s silent feature The General. Using a theoretically and historically informed brand of criticism, Engaging Film Criticism suggests that today’s Hollywood cinema is every bit as worthy of study as the classics.


XIII, 226
ISBN (Softcover)
USA Film Intertextualität Geschichte 1970-2004 Motion pictures United States
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2004. XIII, 226 pp., 24 ill.

Biographical notes

Walter Metz (Author)

The Author: Walter Metz is Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Theatre Arts at Montana State University-Bozeman, where he teaches the history, theory, and criticism of film, theatre, and television. He is the author of numerous book chapters and professional journal articles which focus on intertextual approaches to film adaptation, genre, and authorship.


Title: Engaging Film Criticism